• Wellness hotel Villa Grohmann****

    Wellness hotel Villa Grohmann is main SPA House, which include restaurant and outdoor roof covered terrace ...


  • SPA HOUSE - Léčebný dům

    A beautiful historic Art Nouveau villa in the middle of the spa square is a central medical institution.


  • Villa Marta

    The building of the central reception for the entire complex, where we are available daily from 7:00 to 22:00, the reception office and the headquarters. Villa Marta also has a spa shop ...


  • Villa Theresa***

    Beautiful historic Art Nouveau villa, located in the upper part of the spa square, which has undergone a complete demanding reconstruction. It is the largest accommodation facility of the Schroth Spa ...


  • FOUNDING HOUSE - Zakladatelský dům***


    The founding house, originally "GRÜNDUNGSHOUSE", is Johann Schroth's first spa house built in 1847. This is allegedly the first brick building in Dolní Lipová ever.


  • Villa Louise***

    Beautiful Art Nouveau spa accommodation villa, located in the center of the spa park.

    It offers quality accommodation in 24 single and double rooms with private facilities ...


  • Villa Hella***

    The newly renovated Villa Hella is situated near the central spa reception and is surrounded by greenery in the easternmost part of the spa park. It offers superior accommodation in double and quadruple rooms ...


  • Villa of Dr. Karl Schroth

    Villa of Dr. Karl Schroth, one of the last successors of Schroth's legacy in Dolní Lipová, is located on the banks of the river Staříč. It is located close to the spa's central reception ...


  • Villa Mader

    Villa Mader, named after Dr. Max Madera, who had this building built at his own expense after the First World War. Located about 350 m from the center of the spa park ...



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