Part of our range of services is also a spa restaurant, where you can taste wonderful culinary specialties. A good hotel must also have good cuisine, and ours is really first class. The space of the hotel restaurant will fascinate you with its modern design and pleasant atmosphere. The restaurant offers 48 seats and an outdoor terrace is available in summer.

As a spa hotel, we support the healthy lifestyle of our visitors and, of course, this includes a healthy and varied diet. Our dishes are tasty and balanced at the same time, cooked using gentle cooking methods, so that they are also healthy and do not burden the human body. We carefully monitor the quality of all raw materials used and emphasize quality and freshness.


Come taste, our MENU CARD 


Starter, soup, main course, desert:

Interior and exterior:




 11:00 - 21:30   

Wellness hotel Villa Grohmann**** - Restaurant Grohmanka
Dolní Lipová č.p. 169
790 61 Lipová-lázně

Tel: +420 777 457 117



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